Our medical centre services

New Female GPs

We now have a number of female GPs at the clinic to service any women’s health needs.

Family Planning

Our GPs can speak to you about your family planning options and help choose the best options for you.

Pregnancy Maternity Care

Within six to eight weeks of becoming pregnant, we recommend a visit to your GP for a check up and to find out follow up, testing, scan and birth options.


Our GPs can speak to you about anxiety, depression, grief or relationship difficulties. They will also be able to refer you to a specialist if required.


At the end of a woman’s reproductive life, we can provide advice on options to manage any physical or psychological changes that occur as part of menopause.

Pap Smears

We recommend pap smears for women from the age of 21 for the early detection of cervical cancer.

Breast Checks

For the early detection of breast cancer, an annual breast check is recommended for women.

Gynaecological Treatments

We provide various gynaecological services including contraception, menstruation and pelvic floor issues.

Care Plans

All new patients are welcome to consult with our GPs to establish a personalised care plan.

Free Flu Shots/Health Assessments

Flu vaccinations are offered annually, as well as a general health check up.

Osteopathy Services

This service is offered to restore the normal function and stability of joints through various techniques.

Other Services

Open after hours
Bulk billing
Diagnosis and treatment
Family practice
General practice
Medical and health check-ups
Information and advice
Health and nutrition advice
Coordinating healthcare
Prescription of medications
Ordering of screening and medical tests
Early intervention for those at risk
Management of acute and chronic conditions
Referrals to specialist health professionals
Workers’ compensation, motor accident insurance (TAC) and Department of Veterans’ Affairs requirements
Medical certificates
Free skin checks
Free osteopathy services
Free hearing check

Drug and Alcohol tests

Preventative healthcare

Well Child and Woman Examinations

Adult and Pediatric Immunisations

Travel medicine

Chronic Disease Management

Pre-employment medicals

Drivers medical assessment

PRP Hair and Skin Treatment

We also support our locals
Services near the medical centre

Mind In Mind Psychology

We are experienced and professional Clinical Psychologists who offer evidence-based psychological care that is tailored specifically to you. We use practical and solution-focused strategies to empower clients to achieve their goals. Our aim is to make psychological services accessible to all, and we are offering Telehealth appointments during COVID-19.
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